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Frequently asked questions
Do online petitions really make a difference?
Online petitions are a very effective way of gathering support for a cause you care about and drawing attention to that cause. Many of our petition hosts have gathered hundreds and even thousands of signatures on their petitions — petition targets have had to stand up and take notice! To be truly effective in creating change, however, you need to be actively involved in promoting your petition. You should send out emails to all your friends and colleagues, and you should promote your petition on discussion groups and other websites where users might be interested in your cause.
Who can start a petition?
Anyone can start a petition. You can start your petition now, gain support and create change.
Are your petitions free?
Yes, all our petitions are absolutely free. It is also completely free to sign a petition, and we encourage people to send petitions on to their friends and family. Every petition has buttons to automatically share the petition on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We support ourselves through advertising.
Why should I use
We give you everything you need to run a campaign. We make the process of starting a petition very easy – its just 5 steps and takes up to 10 minutes. After publishing, we keep helping you to make your petition successful by providing a detailed petition guide.
Why would I want an online petition instead of a paper petition?
First of all, the biggest advantage of an online petition is that it reaches hundreds of millions of people, who use the internet every day. Plus, you get your own URL. You can`t do any of that with a paper petition. Can you even imagine going outside on the street and collecting signatures? It would take a whole day to collect just a hundred signatures, and that is an optimistic prediction. What is more, an online petition allows you to use viral marketing to popularize it. Your friends can always share your petition on the many social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. This way it will have reached thousands of people in no time. And all that for free!
Who will see my signature information?
Only certain fields of the petition will be displayed on the public signature page – your full name, country, your reason for signing and the date and time when you signed it. Your email address, street address and telephone number will remain private. Also, you can always decide to replace your name with “Don't display my name” by checking a specific box on the website.

At the close of the petition, all of the signature information is provided to the author, except for your email address, street address and telephone number. They will only be used if we need to verify the validity of your signature. Your privacy is a number one priority. We, the team of Sign & Share believe in protecting personal privacy online.
How can I have my personal information automatically entered on the petition?
If you are logged into your free Sign & Share account, your saved information automatically populates the fields. You can change your account settings here.
Can I change my signature, after I signed a petition?
You cannot edit your signature information after it has been submitted since petition letters are usually sent to the target right upon signing. However, you can remove your signature after submitting by following the link which says “If you want to remove your signature click here” in the thank you letter you will receive upon signing.
How many petitions can I create?
You are allowed to create as many petitions as you like.
Will my information be kept private?
We, the team of Sign & Share, take privacy very seriously. You own the signatures list you collect. We will use it only in the two following situations: When a user signs a petition, we send him/her an email of confirmation and/or only if the signer checks a box on the petition, which gives us permition to contact him/her regarding other petitions or Sign & Share related events, we will contact him/her from time to time. This option will always be available for signers. Under no circumstances will we sell or share signer information with a third party. If you want to find out more about our privacy policy, click here.
I signed a petition, why can't I see my signature yet?
Do not worry! Your signature will certainly be added. We have a huge community here in Sign & Share and therefore our servers have a lot of information to process. Sometimes they need more time to do it. But this shouldn’t worry you – your signature is saved. We send each signer an email confirming that his/her signature has been received on the day of signing.
My petition isn't relevant anymore. Can I delete it?
Every user, who has signed your petition, has it on his/her activist record. It is our policy to keep a copy of your petition on the website so signers can reference the text. But, you can close a petition to more signatures and leave a note explaining what happened. To do that, go to your petition's dashboard and click "Close petition". If you have any other worries or questions, please send us an email.
How do I know if the signatures are real?
Fake signatures, also known as spam, are caught by our 24-hours monitoring system in 99% of the cases. This happens before they even appear on the site. You can be sure that every signature is legitimate.
How can I add a photo to my petition?
Images are essential part of your petition because they draw attention to it. Therefore we advise you to include a photo on your petition. After you create it, you can add a photo through the edit function.
How does a petition win?
Once the author of the petition and the petition target agree on a solution to the problem, the petition is regarded as successful. The number of signatures on your petition has little to do with how successful it is. We see both petitions with 10 and with 10 000 signatures win. However, more signatures mean more support which means the petition target will feel more compelled to react.
Why am I seeing advertising on your website?
While visiting, you will see advertisements. In order to provide free access to our site, we support ourselves through ads.