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How Online Petitions Work
“Are online petitions are really effective?” – this is a very common question. People also wonder whether they can actually change the minds of businessman and politicians. But most of all, how do you get the petition target to read the online petition in the first place?

How to Start an Online Petition
Starting a petition isn’t as hard as it sounds. However, in order to simplify the process we have a few tips for you.

How to Select a Petition Target
It can be pretty difficult to decide who is the best target for your petition. Choosing a wrong target usually means an ineffective petition and can even stop you from achieving your goal. We want you to succeed with all of your petitions so here are some tips on how to find the best target.

How to Write a Petition
Our petition tools help you not only to create successful petitions, but also to connect people who share your goal from all over the world. In order to create a successful online petition, we've gathered some useful tips.

How to Write a Petition Letter
Your petition letter is extremely important to the success of the petition. See our tips on writing a petition letter

How to Promote Your Petition
One of the biggest advantages of online petitions, is that you don't have to walk the streets, in order to gather signatures. But how exactly could you get the required amount of support, so that you win your campaign? See our top tips to spread the word about your petition and get more signatures.