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Frequently Asked Questions
Do online petitions really make a difference?
Online petitions are a very effective way of gathering support for a cause you care about and drawing attention to that cause. To be truly effective in creating change, however, you need to be actively involved in promoting your petition. You should send out emails to all your friends and colleagues, and you should promote your petition on discussion groups and other websites where users might be interested in your cause.
Are your petitions free?
Yes, all our petitions are absolutely free. It is also completely free to sign a petition, and we encourage people to send petitions on to their friends and family. Every petition has buttons to automatically share the petition on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We support ourselves through advertising.
Who can start a petition?
Anyone can start a petition. You can start your petition now, gain support and create change.
Why should I use
We give you everything you need to run a campaign. We make the process of starting a petition very easy – its just 5 steps and takes up to 10 minutes. After publishing, we keep helping you to make your petition successful by providing a detailed petition guide.
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